Celebrating a triumph for British engineering excellence and teamwork.

JCB Dieselmax streamliner set and still holds the Land Speed Record for diesel-powered cars, achieving a stunning 350.097 mph (563.418 kph).

The diesel engine from the company's backhoe loader was to be the heart of the Bonneville streamliner; small wonder, then, that the world gasped when Lord Bamford announced his plans not just to turn his humble 140bhp engine into a 750bhp racing unit, but to challenge for honours in the land speed record arena.

JCB Dieselmax 2016

British pioneering

It has always been a family tradition that the way to make progress is by seeking new challenges, pushing back the boundaries and moving forward with a real sense of urgency. What we achieved at Bonneville was incredible, a truly world-beating performance. The project showed JCB’s complete commitment to innovation and to never standing still. JCB DIESELMAX is the perfect embodiment of our 'can-do spirit'; a spirit that permeates JCB and that has enabled us to demonstrate just what British engineering can do on the world stage.

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When we embarked on the JCB DIESELMAX project, of course it was an exciting opportunity to break a land speed record. More importantly, it gave us a chance to prove the quality and performance of our JCB engine, to demonstrate the amazing engineering talent within the company and to show our commitment to innovation. Our outstanding achievement at Bonneville is one that we hope will continue to inspire for many years to come.
Dr Tim Leverton
JCB DIESELMAX Project Director

JCB Dieselmax
Hydradig Visibility
Hydradig Visibility
Hydradig Visibility
Hydradig Visibility
350.092 mph / 563.418 km/h
Bauma Stand 2013